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Pipe Trailer CPT-45

Written by cefar on June 11, 2013. Posted in Low ground pressure trailers and pipe handling equipment

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PDF – CPT-45 Pipe Trailer

PDF – CPD-50 Pipe Trailer

The Challenger  Services trailer utilizes the Rubber Track design providing more flotation and stability.  The rubber tracks are mounted with a bogie suspension.  Brakes and/or hydraulic motors are available as an extra cost option .The trailer has a 90,000 lbs. net pay-load capacity.  This configuration can be used for pipe or general cargo.

Rubber track undercarriages can be used in several applications including agriculture, wind farm construction, cross country high line construction and pipeline construction.  We have a CPT-40 trailer available with a dolly. The trailer is 40’ long with an expanded metal deck. We also have a couple Challenger pull tractors available. Sale or rental. Contractors can use this rig in those sandy areas out west. We can also supply just a dolly with a skid.

1. Cross cables for crab steering to enable the trailer to get around on a tight right of way.
2. Locking pin in each turntable to convert to standard type pull trailer.
3. Tongue on each end of the trailer for maximum utilization.
4. Handle single or double joint pipe – 65’ between the saddles extended and 32’ between saddles when collapsed.
5. Quick adjustable saddle width with slide control and chain lock for varying pipe diameter.
6. Two 4” strap winches on each end to keep load from shifting.
7. Two strips of durable rubber bolted to each sets of bolsters.
8. Approximately 8 psi ground pressure fully loaded with 90,000 lbs.
9. Capable of handling road speeds up to 30 mph.
10. Excellent performance in mud, dirt, sand, snow and more.

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