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Hydraulic Pipelayer – Challenger CP572G

Written by cefar on June 10, 2013. Posted in Pipelayers and Hydraulic Conversions

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PDF – CP572G Spec Sheet

The CP572G attachment is designed for the Cat D7G LGP, Komatsu D85PX15 and Dressta TD20H LGP Tractors. Lifting capacity 90,000 lbs.  The Challenger Services CP572G pipelayer is very easy to operate with a minimum amount of training needed.  This unit has infinitely variable line speeds with an optional free fall on the load line.  Both load line and boom line winches provide smooth, precise load control during operation.  All hydraulics used to operate the sideboom and attachments are plumbed through the tractor.  This feature alone makes the unit more cost efficient and enhances operational safety.

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