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Challenger Trailer

Written by cefar on June 11, 2013. Posted in Low ground pressure trailers and pipe handling equipment

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PDF – Challenger Trailer

The Challenger  Services trailer utilizes the Mobil-trac system
providing more flotation and stability.  The rubber tracks are
mounted with a bogie suspension.  Brakes and/or hydraulic
motors are available as an extra cost option .
The trailer and dolly combined have a 90,000 lbs. net pay-
load capacity.  This configuration can be used for pipe or
general cargo.
The Challenger trailer is also available without a dolly.  The
undercarriage is center mounted, for balance, and it
functions as a semi-trailer hitched directly to the tow tractor.
Net payload capacity is 45,000 pounds.  This configuration
can be towed from either end.  An 8 foot extension on both
ends is available as an option.

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