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Challenger CTT-40 Steerable Terra Trailer

Written by cefar on August 28, 2016. Posted in Low ground pressure trailers and pipe handling equipment, Trailers and Pipe Handling Equipment - Rentals


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Challenger CTT-40 Steerable Terra Trailer

1. Cross cables for crab steering to enable the trailer to get around on a tight right of way.
2. Locking pin in each turntable to convert to standard type pull trailer if necessary.
3. Tongue on each end of the trailer for maximum utilization.
4. Handle single or double joint pipe – shown for singles with 28’ between the saddles.
5. Quick adjustable saddle width with slide control and chain lock for varying pipe diameter.
6. Two 4” strap winches on each end to keep load from shifting.
7. Very low ground pressure with eight high flotation 66×43-25 tires
8. Capable of handling right of way speeds up to 20 mph.
9. Excellent performance in mud, dirt, sand, snow and more.

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