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We carry pipelayers, welder tractors, pipe benders, off road pipe trailers (rolligon style), steerable on highway pipe trailers and more. Let us help you on your next job.

Oil and Gas Pipes Overview

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Oil and Gas Pipes

oil and gas pipesOil and gas pipes are one of the more important structures in the United States. This is because pipeline gas comprises a large percentage of the gas transportation industry. Gas pipes move gas from locations where the gas is pulled out of the ground, to locations where it is given to consumers and businesses. The structures can take a long time to build, but gas pipes almost always pay off big time once the construction is complete.

This doesn’t mean that the construction isn’t a difficult and involved process, however. Often times, a lot of work has to go into it, such as bending the pipes in the right direction, and changing the construction of the structure that supports it in order to properly move it over the local terrain. After all, it’s not like the local terrain will always be flat and perfectly conducive to getting the oil where you want it to go. You must often turn the pipes this way and that in order to make sure that they avoid major obstacles like hills, trees, rock outcroppings, and so on.

It’s also important to make sure the gas runs at a pressure that’s high enough so that it will flow properly into high pressure lines at the receiving end of the structure. Additionally, steps must be taken to make sure that that the as in the pipe doesn’t condense into its various component liquids, otherwise you could get condensation loss through the seams in the pipe.

The structural integrity of the pipe is important as well, since any problem with the pipe could mean that tons of oil and gas spill out into the countryside. But if the pipes are made correctly, then this shouldn’t ever happen and it can safe a large amount of money in transportation costs.  DMI knows oil and gas pipes.  Call us today to see how we can service your project.

What is Pipeline Gas?

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What is Pipeline Gas?

pipeline gasPipeline gas describes gas that’s under enough pressure to make it into the high-pressure lines of whoever is purchasing the gas. The gas pipes must carry gas that is dry enough so that none of the different liquids that are inside of the gas, such as butane, natural gas, and so on, will condense or fall off while going through the lines.

Building large pipeline gas fixtures is important to do correctly. If there is any problem with the oil and gas pipes, a lot of gas can spill out into the surrounding area. This has happened quite frequently throughout history, in places like Alaska. And the problem with gas and oil is that it can be pretty extremely toxic to those in the surrounding areas.

This is an issue due to environmental groups wanting to protect the local wildlife. It’s also important to use solid materials that won’t corrode and that will carry the oil without any major problems. Additionally, it may become necessary to bend pipes to go in the right direction at different points in their construction as well, for example.

Pipeline gas uses pipes to carry gas from the shore or another location where the gas is taken from the earth, and across a large swath of land to where it’s transferred to different vehicles and so on that need it. There may also be additional processing happening at that location as well.

Overall, gas pipelines are an integral part to how the business works in the united states. It’s not always possible to efficiently transport huge amounts of gas and oil through other means such as airplanes, boats, trucks, trains and so on. The pipes allow for an easy, quick, and cost efficient way to do all of the transportation required for particular materials.

Gas Pipelines Basics

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Gas Pipelines

gas pipelinesGas pipelines continue to be needed as new locations of gas are found.  There are about 20,000 miles of natural gas gathering lines.  Combine these with onshore and offshore lines and there are about 278,000 miles of natural gas transmission lines.  In building these important gas pipelines, correctly bending the pipeline becomes important for safety and long term maintenance.  Challenger Services provides top quality tools such as external line up clamps to build the gas pipeline right the first time.  Our external line clamp is precision bored for perfect roundness and pipe sizing.  Our open bridgework design permits full-circle welding and is ruggedly built of quality steel to last longer.

Gas Pipeline Construction with Challenger means lower downtime

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Gas Pipeline Construction

gas pipeline construction Gas pipeline construction is easier with high quality tools from Challenger Services.  Our pipe benders are made from quality parts that keep you up and running even through the tough rigors of the field.  One of our popular tools for gas pipeline construction is our pneumatic wedge mandrel.  It is available in sizes from 10″ to 20″.  It prevents buckling and eliminates out-of-round in the bend.  It is self propelled in and out of pipe on models 16″ and above to quickly move it into place.

Gas pipeline construction is completed faster with our pipe bending machines that range in size up to our Super 48″ to 60″.  It runs on a Caterpillar C7 diesel engine with 250 horsepower.  It has a hydraulically driven DP winch, with free wheeling drum feature which is used to move the pipe through the bending machine.  The hydraulic controls allow one operator complete control of all the machine’s bending functions.

Pipeline Bending with Challenger makes your job easier

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Pipeline Bending

pipeline bendingPipeline bending is one of the major components to lay a gas pipeline.  Break downs of machines could cost time and money.  Challenger Services offers top quality machines for pipe bending needs.  Challenger is pleased to introduce a revolutionary product in pipe bending.  The new 6″-20″ PLUS Pipe Bending Machine offers the controller the ability to see inside the machine as it is bending the pipe.  Instead of wasting time stopping the machine and going around to the side of the machine to try and see the pipe, the controller simply looks into the slot provided next to the controller to instantly see the results.  Innovative ideas and high quality pipeline bending machines help you stop on time and save you money.  Call us today to see how we can help you.

Pipeline Construction Services

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Pipeline Construction Services

pipeline construction servicesLooking for pipeline construction services?  Challenger Services is proud to make the best construction equipment in the pipeline industry.  The key to success in the pipeline industry is having the right people running the right machines.  We know the pipeline construction industry and our years of experience show in every piece of equipment we put into the field.  Our construction equipment has been used all over the world and has been the key to success in construction projects both large and small.  Pipeline construction services provide great experience when laying pipeline and when coupled with our quality bending machines, you know your project will be a success.

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