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Safety is Enhanced with Trench Shoring Services

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Safety is Enhanced with Trench Shoring Services

What happens when your project requires construction and pipeline equipment that is not in your inventory or is being repaired? Contractors around the world know they will find well-maintained equipment for trench shoring services or a myriad of other supplies for rent at Challenger Services. We carry a variety of brands and styles to match your shoring requirements, including Titans Plus Shield or Utility Shield.

The complex network of cables and pipes under and over the surface of North America is amazing. The distribution and delivery of natural gas in the US alone involves over 2.2 million miles of pipeline!

The general public is aware of the rotten egg smell that warns of a natural gas leak, caused by the odorant mercaptan that is added by distributors of natural gas as well as propane. The transmission pipelines that deliver gas to distributors are usually not treated, so other methods are used by major suppliers to detect the possibility of leaks or deterioration of pipes.

Guarding the safety and security of the environment and all living things starts from the moment a new system is considered until the time it is dismantled due to nonuse. Utilizing the correct trench shoring services for the particular type of soil being trenched prevents accidents and complies with OSHA requirements.

Using the proper trench shoring equipment for the job is a one-shot decision. Safely protect your project by using the right quality equipment. Whether you require hydraulic shoring equipment, a steel or aluminum trench box, or the slide rail system, Challenger Services supplies the best. Contact us today for all your gas pipeline needs 918-447-0055.

The Main Benefits of Natural Gas as an Energy Source (Pipeline equipment for sale)

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The Main Benefits of 1Natural Gas as an Energy Source (Pipeline equipment for sale)

Natural is a low-cost and environment-friendly energy source. Its superiority is determined by the efficiency, safety and the fact that it happens to be one of the cleanest fossil fuels.

Natural Gas is Environment-Friendly
Natural gas is the most environment-friendly option of all fossil fuels. Due to its nearly perfect combustion process, natural gas emits almost no pollutants in the atmosphere.
The efficiency and low environmental impact of natural gas turn it into a preferred energy choice for households and industries around the world.

Natural Gas is Efficient
Another major advantage of natural gas is its high energy efficiency. There is no need for stored oil on site, as the energy source is directly piped to the customer’s property through a system of pipelines. Pipeline equipment for saleis readily available for purchase, further contributing to the efficiency of this fuel.

Natural gas is also an abundant and economically-balanced energy source. Unlike oil, which is susceptible to international events, the price of natural gas tends to remain stable.

Natural Gas is Safe
Natural gas is non-toxic. This type of fuel is not harmful or poisonous if a person inhales it in small amounts. The gas is mixed with an odorant, which is used to signal about an issue like a leakage and to prevent accidents from happening.

These benefits, coupled with the high energy efficiency of gas equipment, make natural gas the best substitute of more traditional fossil fuels.

Looking for pipeline equipment for sale? Contact the seasoned pipeline specialists at Challenger Services right now to learn more about it. We offer professional pipeline and construction equipment to local and international contractors. Call us today at 918-447-0055 for all your gas pipeline needs.

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