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The Pipeline Show Must Go On (sideboom crane suppliers)

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The Pipeline Show Must Go On (sideboom crane suppliers)

Without the free flow of oil and natural gas, the world’s ability to produce energy would become limited. The process of moving these resources is complex and requires a tremendous amount of labor intensive work. Part of that work entails building the necessary pipelines onshore and off.

Through working with the right sideboom crane suppliers, it becomes easier to ensure the right work is done in a timely and safe manner.

There are a number of responsibilities that weigh on the mind of someone managing the construction of a pipeline.

Will the job be completed on time? The longer it takes for the pipeline to be finished, the greater the cost it is for those investing in the project. Financial losses could lead to shutting down or curtailing the endeavor.

Is the pipeline prone to leaks? Trouble with the construction of a pipeline is never a good when precious resources are lost because the pipes have not been fitted properly.

Can the work be performed in bad weather? Less than desirable weather does create safety and productivity concerns. Yet, the job still has to be done. For this reason, acquiring the right supplies and accessories is a must.

Procuring your cranes, accessories, and logistical equipment from the right supplier increases the likelihood a job is done right. Once the pipeline is installed, energy needs end up becoming met and people’s lives improve.

Do you wish to get the job on the right track? Contact Challenger Services today for all your gas pipeline needs 918-447-0055.

Rent a Seam Welding Tractor for Onsite Pipeline Jobs

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Rent a Seam Welding Tractor for Onsite Pipeline Jobs

With so many types of support items and equipment required by the construction industry, it can be a challenge knowing who to turn to for equipment, such as ditch pumps or a seam welding tractor. Contractors know that it is frequently more economical to rent specialized equipment by the month.

A certified operator is usually hired separately. This is particularly important for welders involved in gas pipeline construction. They are the experts on procedure and safety because of their experience, stringent certifications, and qualifications.

Challenger Services knows that a specialized piece of equipment may be needed for just one product. It is uneconomical for a construction company to purchase many of those items and pay for shipping to worldwide locations. Contractors find reliable top brands such as Caterpillar and Lincoln in Challenger’s inventory.

Adding a crane, welding tent, or other equipment to heavy-duty tractors requires experienced installation that maintains exceptional balance and stability on all types of surfaces. Be certain that the company you work with has an excellent reputation for safety and customer service.

Pipelayers and pipe benders are other types of equipment that make the job of an onshore contractor less stressful and much easier. The amount of pipe work and welding done at the construction site rather than at another location reduces the chance of weld failure. The strong, continuous weld of a seam welding tractor can be spot checked by onsite quality control engineers.

Challenger Services, conveniently located in Tulsa, OK, has close access to shipping. The equipment you need will quickly be on its way. Regardless of where the construction is taking place, contact us today for all your gas pipeline needs or with any questions at 918-447-0055.

Challenger Services: Offering the Best Equipment Available from Pipeline Construction Dealers

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Challenger Services: Offering the Best Equipment Available from Pipeline Construction Dealers

Looking for pipeline construction dealers who carry state-of-the-art construction equipment? If you haven’t contacted Challenger Services, you’re in for a good surprise. You can expect high quality equipment, whether you’re looking to rent or buy.

We provide total support for our products and those of the various dealers and manufacturers we represent including: Caterpillar, Wheatley, Miller Electric, Curtis, Lincoln Electric, Quincy, Hatz Motors and Newage.

We only represent the best pipeline construction dealers and manufacturers. Caterpillar is an industry leader in performance, safety and sustainability. Lincoln Electric won the Presidential “E” award in 2013. There is no other award as prestigious for companies who make major contributions in increasing U.S. exports.

Wheatley has stood the test of time, with nearly 60 years of service in the flow control industry. Swing check valves from Wheatley stand up to tremendous pressure and/or temperature.

Chances are, we manufacture or represent anything you desire as a pipeline construction contractor. From pipe layers and attachments, pipe benders and carriers to low ground pressure pipe trailers and vacuum lifts. You need look no further for pumps. We carry test pumps, ditch pumps, heavy duty designed fill pumps and combination pumps.

Also, pipe locators, welding machines, external clamps and spreader bars represent several of the support items available from Challenger Services.

For example, if you are in the market for hydraulic pipelayers no doubt you need a steady lifting capacity that will do the job from start to finish. We’d suggest the Challenger Hydraulic Pipelayer attachment (CP594H), which has a 200,000 pound lifting capacity. Pair that with a Caterpillar tractor and you’ve got a dependable workhorse!

At Challenger we’re always developing our equipment to improve performance. It’s all about providing the best, most efficient pipeline construction equipment at compatible prices, so that you may experience a healthy bottom line.

We invite you to contact us today for all your gas pipeline needs at: 918-447-0055.

Right Pipeline Construction Equipment: Decrease Downtime, Increase Profits

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Right Pipeline Construction Equipment: Decrease Downtime, Increase Profits

Selecting the right pipeline construction equipment is essential to avoid costly delays and on-the-job injuries. Every minute of downtime keeps your employees from producing and is an impediment to bringing the job in on time. So, not only do you need the right pipeline construction equipment, you need top-quality equipment that eliminates costly repairs.

In some instances, especially for start-up businesses, rental of heavy construction equipment is the best option. Using rental equipment is smart because a significant upfront investment is not required and there are no huge monthly payments or interest on the loan. It’s a snap to keep up with equipment upgrades and your cash flow remains more stable.

Could be you’re a pipeline-pro, who realizes some of their equipment is becoming obsolete. But, you don’t exactly know what upgrades you need or trustworthy vendors to contact.

One of the worst nightmares any contractor faces is to submit a winning bid on a lucrative job, only to learn a specialized piece of equipment is required.

If you relate to any of the above scenarios, Challenger Services can counsel and supply you with the right pipeline construction equipment for the job. We will provide you with the best equipment on today’s market.

For example, if you need custom equipment, we’ve got sophisticated, all terrain hydraulic pipelayers, which are compatible with the CatD9H or Komatsu 355 tractor.

Safety is always a priority. We’ve designed innovative safety enhancements such as plumbing the hydraulic pipelayer through the factory hydraulics of the tractor. Not only does this feature ensure reduced maintenance costs, it increases the operator’s safety.

Perhaps your pipe bending machine is obsolete. We offer a ground-breaking pipe bending machine that permits the controller to look inside a handy slot and watch as the machine bends the pipe.

Please contact us today for all your pipeline construction equipment needs at 918-447-0055.

Pipe Facing Machine Products

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Pipe Facing Machine Products

Having durable and dependable pipe facing machine products is essential for most industries. These items are used to help ensure that there is a precise and consistent gap when dealing with pipes and the pipe axis. Since pipelines can be used for gas, water and the transfer of other items, it is critical that the line of products you use is designed to cut precision bevels on the pipes with a + or – .006 (0.13mm) tolerance.

The use of components feature hydraulic and mechanical elements are equally important, as they tend to further ensure that there is precision when being used. The goal for these pipe facing machine products is to have the maximize quality possible when pipes are being placed in the fields, while helping to minimize the number of repairs that occur during the installation process. You will also need to ensure that when mitered pipe is required that you can achieve mitered bevels in ranges of up to 2 ½” with your choice of a dovetail type tool holder or a radial tool holder.

For this to happen, you need to find a company you can trust. For all your pipe facing machine products, one of the best providers will be DMI International. One of the most trusted companies in the industry they can connect you with the most precise products to ensure your job is done right, and within a fraction of the time. Take the first steps and contact us today. Our number is (918) 438-2213.

The Importance of the Internal Pipe Bending Mandrel

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The Importance of the Internal Pipe Bending Mandrel

For internal pipe bending mandrel is perhaps the most commonly misunderstood version. This is actually a part of a tooling set, but does not occur in all bending applications. Mandrel is placed inside of a table where it is then held by the mandrel rod in order to provide additional support at the tangent area. Then the mandrel it slowly extracted just before the process has finished.

The entire process of internal pipe bending mandrel is one of the more interesting aspects out there. It can be used to help with plugs, discs, balls and multi-ball designs in the field. Depending on the general thickness of the tube, you can select different mandrel to complete the task.

For companies that depend on this application, it will be vital that you take the time to ensure you select the best mandrel setup to complete the job, as you don’t want the walls of the tube to become stretched too thin in the bending process, making it vital that you do have the right mandrel tube bending machine on hand. After all, there isn’t just one type of mandrel on the market.

To locate that and ensure you have the right tools, it is important to contact DMI International. One of the most trusted providers in the country, you will find that they will not only provide you with the right internal bending mandrel, but they can also connect you with other essential tools. Take a moment to contact them today at (918) 438-2213.


High Quality pipe line up clamps from DMI International

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High Quality pipe line up clamps from DMI International

Every construction project needs high quality material to build businesses and homes. DMI International offers materials that have the highest quality ratings for its customers projects. Oil and gas lines play an important role for businesses and industries and must be working properly at all times. Faulty lines mean a decrease not only in business, but in profit.

Quality products with high standards

In the United States, oil and gas lines are a vital part of the economy. Every built structure needs to be secured for proper flowing and usage. By using quality pipes, pipe line up clamps, and other quality materials, industries safely know their businesses are in good hands. All construction must pass through strict evaluations and tests before buildings can be finalized. All of the products of DMI International will assist in projects meeting these high quality standards.

Products of DMI International

Some of its high standard products include internal line up clamps, pipe bending machines, bending sets/pipe facing machines, pumps, bending mandrels, cradles and external line up clamps. By calling our service team or requesting a catalog, you can find out what your construction team will need to complete its project.

Sale inquiries

Sale inquiries can be made by calling 918-438-2213 or emailing Interested customers can request catalogs or a flash drive of products in which you can find a selection of pipe line up clamps. They will do their best to answer all inquiries in a timely matter.

Improving Safety and Cutting Costs with the Right Pipe Alignment Clamps

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Improving Safety and Cutting Costs with the Right Pipe Alignment Clamps

While this might be the most obvious reason, it is not the only one. Cutting down on labor costs while improving safety are two other major reasons why using the right clamps is so important.

There are quite a few reasons why it is best to buy top quality pipe alignment clamps and then weld them into place. Of course, the obvious reason why these clamps are so necessary is they hold the weld joint in place so the proper welding job can be done.

If the clamps do not do their primary job of holding pipes in place, then the pipes are going to come loose or become outright detached. Once this occurs, then the previously performed work has to be done again.

In other words, the same job has to be done twice.

The sentiment that it is worth doing a job again and again until it is done right is fine as long as repeating the job is unavoidable. If workers are required to remove clamps, replace them, and then weld them into place a second time, this all comes with costs. Labor, materials, and supplies are all expensive. Doing the job once cuts down the costs immensely.

Safety issues are going to arise when the clamps put on the pipes are not able to remain in place. Any supplies that are faulty come with risks. Qualty materials that do not falter are going to improve safety because they do not create any hazards.

For these reasons alone, consider is wise to purchase solid pipe alignment clamps produced by equally high quality, reputable manufacturers.

Backhoe Attachments

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Backhoe Attachments

Professional pipeliners agree, a bucket is more than a container housing must-do lists. Indeed, buckets are backhoe attachments that all contractors must-have. While buckets are of vital importance, other backhoe attachments, such as augers, rippers, hydraulic hammers, forks and blades are beneficial as well.

It is critical for contractors to choose the right equipment for the job. The topography where the pipeline is being laid will determine the type of equipment needed.

Pipeline contractors depend upon rugged, high-quality equipment that will enhance the success of the job. Challenger Services offer state-of-the-art equipment that benefits contractors worldwide.

For example, the screening/padding bucket is a valuable backhoe attachment. It is equipped with blades that rotate one way and back the other way to strain materials. Big pieces remain in the screener bucket to be recycled and used for padding. This is a cost effective method as backfill material and dirt is dumped around the pipe in the trench, reducing the need for new materials.

For digging trenches in narrow spaces, the cribbing bucket does the job admirably. A simply marvelous backhoe attachment is the ditch and leveling bucket. Items like chemicals or toxic waste call for the barrel handler backhoe attachment.

The hoe ram is the new jackhammer. Just attach this bad boy to a backhoe watch the giant-sized percussive hammer go! The hoe ram is powerful enough to penetrate the most stubborn rocks in a pipeline trench.

The grapple is an awesome backhoe attachment for moving heavy objects from one place to another. It is also ideal for trenching. A clamshell bucket with teeth is perfect for digging pipelines.

Professional pipeliners are tasked with timely project completion and on-the-job safety, making high-quality, dependable equipment a must-have.

For all of your gas pipeline needs, call Challenger Services today. Telephone – (918) 447-0055.

What to Look for in a Pipe Trailer for Sale

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What to Look for in a Pipe Trailer for Sale

When you need a good pipe trailer for sale, there are some important items to focus on. You will find that by doing this, you can ensure that you have a safe and dependable trailer that is going to be able to handle all of your loads.

A durable frame will be essential. When considering a pipe trailer for sale, you want to ensure it can handle the pipe that you will be hauling. Check the axels and the integrity of the trailer and make sure that the maximum weight is generous enough to haul your pipe.

Keep an eye on the tongue length and the coupler in the trailer. A damaged coupler will be costly to replace and a shot tongue can make some pipes difficult to haul. When you are considering the options that you have, it is a good idea to inspect any pipe trailer for sale carefully to ensure that it is a wise investment.

If you are working with a company, pay close attention to the warranty they are offering on these trailers. You’ll want to get it in writing and ensure that things like loading the trailer to max capacity and other variables aren’t going to negate the warranty before you can claim it.

When you’ve done all that, keep us in mind and contact us today for all your gas pipeline needs 918-447-0055. Our team of professionals will be committed to helping you ensure that you have everything you need to successfully lay a pipeline and repair it as needed.

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